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Already familiar with the area, Bezugly & Musovic Financial Services is founded on the basic principles of dedication, analytics, realtionships, and success to bring it all together. Teamwork is also very important. The firm was officially started in 2018 and we look forward to many years of financial service to our communities.  


Our questions is; who wouldnt want to be treated well in their financial desicions? They would be a lot easier if they were less stressful! That is exactly our goal: to help plan and advise every step of the way.  By planning and sometimes eliminating uncertainty, we end up with a step by step plan of what to do, what to expect and take action on the challenge.


If you're new to investing and even if youve heard it before, visit the calculator or the video section of this site - especially if you're new to investing; everything is a starting point. Feel free to ask us any questions in the Contact Us section and we look forward to helping you work toward achieving success.