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Alexander Bezugly

Alexander Bezugly

LPL Financial Advisor - Managing Partner

Alexander Bezugly is an LPL Financial Advisor at Bezugly Musovic Financial Services, LLC, a leading supervisory firm for investment advisors with the strength and stability to meet the needs of any client. These values serve as the cornerstone of their culture. Whether the client is looking to expand their investment services relationship, looking for a new investment services partnership, or exploring different business opportunities—Bezugly Musovic Financial Services advisors are here to help and look forward to partnering with any client.

Alexander has experience in financial and wealth management, as well as in investment planning services available. He is constantly eager to learn and motivate, push and grow. His practice consists of financial education, credit and debt, mortgages and loans, taxes, and investments. He provides a full service wealth management platform for clients looking for top tier relationship and asset management.

Alexander has held an industry securities registration for nearly a decade and is subject to SEC and FINRA oversight. He previously was a financial advisor at JP Turner & Company, Tax Consultant at Liberty Tax Service, and earned his way up to Vice President of Investments for the borough of Staten Island, parts of Brooklyn and New Jersey for Capital One. He studied in Banking, Corporate Finance and Securities Law at the City University of New York - College of Staten Island. Alexander's interests include technology, finance, entrepreneurship, social psychology, and market psychology. Alex's family is from Ukraine and he speaks Russian fluently.

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